Wild Bear Strolls Back Into Kalahandi’s Bhawanipatna, Causes Panic

by kalahandi info

Bhawanipatna: The residents of Bhawanipatna were panic-stricken as a wild bear strolled back into the town.

As per reports, the bear had entered the town on August 15. Then it had taken over four hours for the forest officials to capture the animal and they had then released it back into the wild.

Today at about 1 am, the local police spotted the bear during regular patrolling and informed the forest department. During the filing of this report, efforts were still underway to capture the wild bear.

Bhawanipatna Bear 21,08,20

Gepostet von Krushna Agria am Freitag, 21. August 2020

Source: https://ommcomnews.com/odisha-news/wild-bear-strolls-back-into-kalahandis-bhawanipatna-causes-panic

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