Victoria Memorial, Calcutta India

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This beautiful and famous monument in Calcutta was built to immortalise the memories of Queen Victoria’s 25 year reign in India.

This tourist attraction, even today reminds us of the British Raj in India. It was built between 1906 and 1921.


When Queen Victoria died in January 1901, then Viceroy Lord Curzon wanted to set up a stately memorial for her.

He placed this idea in front of the public.

Generous donations were generated from the princess and people of India and Lord Curzon derived the total cost of construction of this monument amounting to one crore , five lakhs rupees.

 The foundation stone was laid by King George V, the prince of Wales and it was officially opened to the public in 1921.

 The entire credit of this historical monument goes to Lord Curzon, who selected people like William Emerson , president of the British Institute of architects, to design and plan the building.

 The construction work was entrusted to the well-known. Mrs Martin and Co. Of Calcutta.


This exquisite monument has a large collection of oil paintings and water colours by many famous European artists like William simpson , William Hadges, Thomas Hickey , Emilee Eden, and many more.

 It also has the largest collection of Daniell’s paintings. Many memorable moments in the life of Queen Victoria is showcased in the form of paintings.

 The Queen receiving the sacrament at her coronation in the west minster abbey in june 1838, her marriage with Prince Albert (1840) the christening of the prince of Wales , the marriage of the prince of Wales (Edward VII) with princess Alexandra and many more.

 This grand memorial has a height of 200 feet.

The groups of figures above the north porch represent mother hood , prudence and learning.

The main dome is surrounded by figures of art, architecture , justice , charity etc.

This vast and splendid memorial includes garden, library and houses valuable articles like the dagger of Tipu Sultan , a cannon in the battle of Plassey, valuable books that date back to 1870, manuscripts like Ain-I-Akbari by Abul Fazal, postage stamps and western paintings.

What else does an aspiring tourist need ??

How to reach and Exact Location

One can reach Kolkata by air from anywhere of the country.

Kolkata also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country.

After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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