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Gateway of India is a great monument which is in the city Mumbai in the state Maharashtra, India. There are many landmarks in India among which one is this Gateway of India which is very unique and special landmark in the city named Mumbai. This Gateway of India is exactly located in Colaba which is in the Southern part of Mumbai. The construction of colossal structure was done in the year 1924. This Gateway of India is exactly situated at the tip of Apollo Bunder and the Mumbai harbour is overlooked by this structure which is exactly in the border of Arabian sea in the district named Colaba.

The chief ports of India are marked by this great monument. For the visitors from foreign countries  who visit India for the first time , this Gateway of India is only the  prime tourist attraction. The grandeur of the time of the British Raj was represented  by this monument in India. This monument was built with the expenditure  of 2.1 million and the Indian government had borne the expense.


 This Gateway of India was constructed only with the prime objective  which was to commemorate  the visit of the King George V who visited Bombay (presently Mumbai) with his Queen Mary. The first foundation was laid down of this monument  by Sir George Sydenham Clarke who was the governor of Bombay in 1911.

This foundation was started in the year 1911 and the plan of the construction was approved only in the year 1914. But in the year 1919 only the reclamations were completed  at Apollo Bunder. George Wittet  was the architect who made the architectural design of this Gateway of India.

Construction and Specialities

This is a proud structure for Mumbai. This is a place for taking rest in the cool evening for many of the people in Mumbai. This is a favourite tourist spot for the people to which the photographers, vendors and food stalls got attracted. At this Gateway of India the passing of “The first Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry” was considered as the prime and main event as it was the first event to happen. The completion of the construction was finished  in the span of 4 years.

A big arch was designed with a height of 26m in the structural design of this Gateway of India. Indissoluble concrete and yellow basalt were used mainly in which this Gateway of India was built. The Indo-Saracemic style was used in designing the structural plan of the Gateway of India. In this structure the incorporation  of Muslim architectural styles also can be traced by an individual.

In diameter  the central dome is 48 feet with the total height of 83 feet of this monument. Arabian sea also can be reached through the steps constructed behind the arch of this gateway. Visiting this place will be really a great architectural experience which should be attained by every individual.

How to Reach and Exact Location

One can reach Delhi by air from anywhere of the country.

Delhi also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country.

After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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