The City Palace, Udaipur India

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Introduction and History           

Udaipur City Palace is a very famous tourist attraction which is located in Udaipur, which is in the state Rajasthan, India. This is the largest palace complex in the state Rajasthan. This is an attractive palace complex which is located on the banks of lake Pichola. This is a tourist attraction of Rajasthan in Udaipur which is most visited in the whole state.

This was a great structure built by Maharana Udai Singh initially which was changed subsequently with some additions by the successors of Maharana Udai Singh into the form which is being seen presently. The construction of this marvellous structure  was started in the year  1559 and was ended in 18th century  with many changes and additions to the initial form. This was the reason which prolonged the construction for some centuries.

 Construction and Specialities

This City Palace of Udaipur was an incredible and highly appreciable construction  for the medieval period in the history. The architectural styles of Europe and China were implemented in the construction of this palace. A great celebration can be done by all eyes of the visitors by this City Palace which towers on the bank of Pichola lake. An excellent arrangement of pavilions , corridors ,rooms , terraces and courtyards can be observed by an individual in this city palace.

This is a great structure which was constructed wholly using granites and marbles. There are many gates for this City Palace which are called as “pols”. To enter into the first courtyard of this City Palace Complex the entrance has to be done only by the main gate “Bara Pol” which means Great gate. One more gate which is triple arched can be passed across by the visitor on passing Bara pol. This triple arched gate is also known as Tripolia.

 There are eight marble arches which are also known as Toranas, can be seen between these two gates. With gold and silver kings used to see the weight of themselves in this place. There is one more gate named Elephant Gate which can also be told as Haati Pol into which a visitor enters across Tripolia gate. There is an album in the Krishna Vilas in which many paintings which portray the festivals,games and the royal processions of the kings. There is also a palace which is known as Moti Mahal which means pearl palace. There is also a palace which is known as Sheesh Mahal which means  “A Palace of Mirrors”. This palace is well-known for the excellent work of mirrors done here.

There is also a palace named Dilkusha Mahal which means the palace of joy. Many wall paintings and murals can be seen here. There is a temple which is not only the biggest temple but also the most beautiful temple of Udaipur is  Jagdish Temple. In the complex of this palace a shrine also can be traced of Dhuni Mata. It is said that a sage meditated here for his whole life for which this part is considered as the oldest part of this palace complex.

How to reach and Exact Location

One can reach Udaipur through  road or train from all over India. After reaching Udaipur one can take local buses or hire taxis , auto- rikshaws etc to reach the palace from anywhere in the city.

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