Swami Narayan Aksharadham, India

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Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Swami Narayan Aksharadham is such a great structure which is in New Delhi which reflects the Indian culture. It is representing the Indian culture by its bliss, wisdom and beauty. The essence of India’s ancient architecture , traditions and incredible spiritual messages is being known by this great attractive structure.
The glorious art, values and great contributions which were done for the progress , harmony of mankind etc can make an individual enlightened which can be experienced through Aksharadham.
Experiences and Specialities
There are three halls in Aksharadham which are having some unique exhibitions.
In the Hall 1-
An individual can experience the great human values which mainly create ideal qualities like non-violence , honesty , spirituality and family harmony. These can be attained in this hall through films and robotic shows.
In the Hall 2 –
An individual comes to know the inspiring story of an eleven-year old Yogi name Nilkanth. His story brings culture and spirituality of India’s customs and the ultimacy of its art and architecture and the power of its inspiring festivals.
In the Hall 3 –
An individual will have a cultural boat ride in which he can sail through the glorious heritage of India of 10,000 years and also learn about the great discoveries and inventions done by the rishi-scientists of India and will see the Takshasila University which was the first in the world and sail through Ajanta-Ellora caves and know the great contributions done to humanity by India through the ages.
Musical Fountain
There is a Musical Fountain in which the circle of life can be known. According to the Indian philosophy the cycle of birth , life and death is described.
Garden of India
This is a sixty acres of lush lawns and gardens in which incredible bronze statues of India’s child heroes , great warriors , national patriots and many more great personalities who inspire character and values.
Lotus Garden
There is a garden which is Lotus-shaped giving the spirituality according to the expressions of philosophers , leaders and scientists throughout history.
The reflection of the essence of India’s ancient ancient architecture and the magnitude of India’s timeless spirituality and traditions comes out from Swami Narayan Aksharadham. The architecture of the main monument according to the Indian Vaasthu Shastra is a marvel in pink sandstone and white marble that is 141 feet high , 316 feet wide abd 370 feet long with 234 ornate pillars , over 20,000 sculptures and statues of deities , eleven 72-foot high huge domes and decorative arches.
And a parikrama of red sandstone encircles the monuments like a necklace with over 155 small domes and 1,160 pillars. The whole monument rises on the shoulders of 148 elephants which are very huge with a statue of Swami Narayan named as Panchadhatu which is 11 feet tall presiding over the structure. There is a palace like monument which was built of atleast 12,000 tons of pink sandstone and white marble at the heart of the complex.
This sandstone and white marble was brought from Rajasthan. It stands 129 feet high , 275 feet wide and 315 feet long. Pramukh Swami Maharaj , the 83 year old spiritual leader of the Swami Narayan Sect , has closely monitored everything in detailed way of the complex. This Swami Narayan Sect has over 10 lakh followers across the globe.
How to Reach and Exact Location From NewDelhi

Railway Station : Akshardham is about 10 km from here.You should come out of the Railway station from Platform No.12 Side ( Not by Platform NO.1) ; About Rs.100 by Auto Rickshaw.From Nizamuddin Raliway Station : It is about 4 KM . you can go by auto rickshaw or prepaid taxi. They will charge you around Rs.100
Nearest Delhi Metro Railway Station (as on Dec 2008) is Indraprastha Metro Railway Station. From here catch an Auto Rickshaw or Taxi.or Bus

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