Rural schools at a disadvantage in Kalahandi

by kalahandi info

BHAWANIPATNA: URBAN areas in the backward Kalahandi district have more teachers in State Government-run primary schools than their rural counterparts. At a time when primary schools in rural blocks of the district are facing acute shortage of teachers, those in urban parts have more teachers than required. And the situation has been such for the last 20 years.

Kalahandi has 1,649 Government-run primary schools with student enrolment of 1,92,670. For these schools, there are 3,889 teachers as against the requirement of 4,817 to meet the student-teacher ratio of 40:1.

According to a report by the District Education Office, there are 500 surplus teachers for primary schools in urban areas of the district. Consider this: In Bhawanipatna town, there are 36 primary schools with 2,508 students enrolled in them. For the schools to adhere to student-teacher ratio, there should be 101 teachers. However, the present teachers’ strength is 167. Most of these 66 surplus teachers have not been been transferred from the town for several years.

In Golamanjari School, there are six teachers for 26 students while Kandhpada School has eight teachers for 48 students. In Dewansahaebpada School, four teachers teach 80 students and in Purnapada School, there are 12 teachers for 165 students.

Officials of the District Education Office, who recently took stock of the situation, said these are just a few instances of surplus teachers in urban areas and the situation has been hampering smooth functioning of schools in rural areas, where many schools are running with single teacher. The matter has been placed before the School and Mass Education department for intervention.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Primary Education has directed the District Education Office to remove the surplus teachers from urban schools and post them in rural schools that are facing teacher shortage, at the earliest. Primary Education Officer, Kalahandi, Pradip Kumar Nag said steps will be taken to transfer the surplus teachers to the schools having fewer teachers by the end of this month.

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