Roads in Koksara block turn death traps for commuters

by kalahandi info

Koksara: Even though the government and PWD department spend crores of rupees on road safety awareness programmes, many of the roads in Koksara block of Kalahandi district have turned into death zones.
Some of the crucial roads here that connect the block office, the district headquarter office, hospital and other government offices in the district are in poor shape. Accidents on these roads are quite common.

Several factors are responsible for accidents. Potholes, bad shape of road, stray bovines and absence of warning signs ahead of speed-breakers have made these roads accident-prone.Owing to traffic jams, buses and school buses can be seen getting stuck for hours. Worse, patients going in ambulances remain stranded for hours despite amid jams and chaotic traffic.

During summer, the area remains polluted owing to clouds of dust rising from the road while in rainy season, commuting woes worsen with water poodles and craters.“Though the roads are repaired every year by spending lakhs of rupees, they again develop potholes within one to two months of its repairing owing to a criminal nexus between contractors and government officials,” a local man said.Though our correspondent tried to talk to the senior executive engineer of PWD department here over the issue, he refused to comment.


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