Odisha: No roads, villagers carry pregnant woman on cot for 12 kms

by kalahandi info

Kalahandi , Aug 22 : In absence of proper road connectivity, a pregnant woman was carried on a cot by locals for at least 12 kilometers, through Jelingadhora River up to Kaniguma Gram here in order to avail the facility of an ambulance.

The incident occurred on August 21 in Thaumal Rampur village, where the 23-year-old, Saibani Goud was in need of medical aid during her labor pain.

Soon after, an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker informed the local health centre to send an ambulance. Unfortunately, due to poor road connectivity and lack of suspension bridge over Jelingadora River, the ambulance was unable to reach the location.

Hence, the villagers had to carry Saibani on a cot, wading through the Jelingadhora River, till Kaniguma, which is 12 kilometers away from Nehela village.

Thaumul Rampur is a tribal and neglected block of Kalahandi district. Villagers here face these problems almost every year during rainy seasons.

According to the locals, during elections, political leaders promise to build a bridge but do nothing after it gets over and the residents continue to suffer.

Earlier in July, tribals here had to carry the body of their relative, Nigidi Majhi, who died during treatment in Gunupur village in Kalahandi district on a sling made of cloth after authorities denied providing a hearse van.

After that incident, many leaders and respective authorities visited the district but nothing was done for the betterment of roads and connectivity.

Source: https://www.newkerala.com/news/read/197375/odisha-no-roads-villagers-carry-pregnant-woman-on-cot-for-12-kms.html

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