Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad India

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One of the largest zoo in India and a premier recreation spot in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad  Nehru Zoological park is undoubtedly a tourist hot-spot.


It is located near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh.


This is established in Vide G.O. MS No. 247, dated 26 October 1959. On 6th October 1963 it was declared open to the public.


Spreading over 380 acres this park has a wide variety of animals-100 species of birds and reptiles.

 Different types of safari like lion safari , tiger safari , bear safari and butterfly safari are really thrilling experiences.

The depleted natural population was re-stocked by breeding several animals.

 The Indian rhino , Asiatic lion, tiger ,panther ,orang-utan , crocodile, python etc are real attraction.

The stimulating natural habitat and undulating landscape provide a wonderful living environment to the animals.

The miralam tank covering nearly 600 acres with its unique multiple arched bund is 200 years old.

 It attracts hundreds of migratory birds.

The boat rides organised by A.P tourism department attract many tourists.

 This park is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Monday.

Added Attractions

This wonderful zoological park spread over 1.2 kilometre of landscape garden and has about 3000 animals.

Apart from that a nocturnal zoo, the pre-historic dinosaur park, the natural history museum, a mini train and animal rides make this a truly attractive tourist spot.

Chimapanzee from central Africa, carnivores like African and Indian lion , tigers , panthers , jackals, wolves, hyenahs, bears etc and reptiles like giant tortoises , water turtles, crocodiles, monitor lizards, chameleons, hooded Indian cobra , russels viper, giant rockpython, tree snakes are all found in the zoo.

 Rhinoceros , hippopotamus, zebras, American bisons and antelopes and many  herbivores can be found in the zoo. A suitable tourist spot for nature lovers.

How to Reach Exact Location

One can reach Hyderabad by air from anywhere of the country.

Hyderabad also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country.

After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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