Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya Bihar India

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One of the earliest Buddhist temples built in brick, that still survives today, this Buddhist stupa is a voluminous spiritual spot for the Hindus and Buddhists.


Many Buddhists and Historians the Buddha as a historical figure. He lived in the sixth or fifth century B.C and Bodh Gaya is the sacred place of his enlightenment, under the Bodhi tree.

In third century B.C Emperor Ashoka, first Buddhist ruler, made this spot memorable with his inscribed pillars, with and elephant capital.

In the first century A.D a stone rail was put up around the perimeter, which is still found when the Pala-Sena came to power around 750-1200. It was renovated further.

 But afterwards it fell into bad days of ruin till Sir Alexander Cunningham in the second half of the 19th century restored it. The Burmese Buddhists did the final restoration in 1882.

The Legal Movies

There was a move from the Mahabodha society to reclaim the Bodhgaya and the Mahabodhi temple from the Hindu to the Buddhists control.

 Then came the 1949 Bodh gaya act proclaiming as a Buddhist holy place.

Architectural attractions

Built in brick, its ground level is 45 metres square. Is stretches up in a pyramid shape and ends in a smaller square platform.

The central tower is 54 metres tall. The eventful life of Gautama Buddha is depicted in the brick work on the outside of the temple.

As you go in, a huge-sized statue of Buddha captivates you. He is seated touching the earth with his right hand (a gesture known as the earth—witness mudra).
 It is in this posture that enlightenment dawned upon him.

This statue is in black stone, covered in gold and dressed in bright orange robes.

 You can see the courtyard, ornamented with many smaller stupas and Buddha statues.

Many of them are 100 years old. Another exquisite place of the visit Bodhi tree, the descendent of the very tree , under which Gautama Buddha attained the divine wisdom or the enlightenment.

Seven days after his enlightenment, the Buddha is supposed to have practised walking meditation. This is the jewel walk, that you see here.

 Recognition…..Beyond Borders

This oldest Buddhist temple was recommended by UNESCO  as a world heritage site, stressing on the monitoring of the tourists impact on its spiritual and historical significance.

 The Bodh gay temple management committee shoulders the responsibility of managing this beautiful shrine.

For the lovers of peace , non-violence and silence, there is no other better choice.

How to Reach and Exact Location

One can reach Bodh Gaya in Bihar by air from anywhere of the country.

Bodh Gaya also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country.

After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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