Lotus Temple, New Delhi India

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Lotus Temple is a very attractive temple which gives the faith of worship of Bahai. This temple is located in New Delhi, India. The house of Bahai which is for worshipping is a house which is for all religions. Everyone from this whole world can visit this temple and pray. This Lotus Temple has been awarded the “Glob Art Academy” award in Vienna in the year 2000. This is a very attractive and incredible masterpiece from which a strong message of wisdom and peace can be attained.


A new era of human race was inaugurated by Bab in Iran through which an inception of the faith started in Iran which made the history of the Bahai’s faith start in India. In the first year of Bab’s ministry which was from 1844 to 1845, he appointed an Indian believer as the “Letter of Living”. India started getting connected with the faith of Bahai from that time.

This Lotus Temple received an award from the International Federation for Art and Architecture ,USA for the architect Mr. Sabha. The visual impact of the beautiful Lotus was personified and an award named The Citation Award  was given to this temple. This temple has an outdoor illumination and is a concrete structure which was built very artistically and was given Accreditation for this in the year 1988 and was awarded with American Concrete Institute Award.

Construction and Specialities

The service of Bahai’s faith  is full of prayers and readings which were especially selected from the scriptures and the religious texts which are related to the world’s other faiths. The significance of the universality  and purity of the Lord and the equality of all the religions are shown in this temple. People more than 40 lakhs visit this temple yearly. This attractive construction is located in Bahapur Hills which is in the southern part of New Delhi.

 It is a marble structure which looks like a lotus. This is a temple with an excellent  modern architecture and this became as a structure with the completion of the construction in the year 1986. This Lotus Temple was built in between the years 1980 to 1986 and the expenditure for this temple was nearly one crore. The pools and gardens are surrounding this beautiful temple which is floating in it in the shape of lotus. There are petals of this lotus which are made of white marbles.

There are many mines in Mount Pentitikon from which lot of special concrete  clad is extracted. There is only one Bahai temple in the Asia continent which is of worship. There are many master pieces in this world among which one is this lotus temple. Many international prestigious awards were attained by this great structure. No God’s idol is seen in the temple. There are only halls for meditation or prayer , of faith of all religions in this world.

How to reach and Exact Location

The Lotus Temple is located to the east side of Mathura Road which is on the way to Agra.

 After reaching Delhi via air, road, and rail one can choose an auto-rickshaw or a tourist bus or a cab to reach this Lotus Temple.

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