Lodi Garden, New Delhi India

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Lodi Garden is a very attractive tourist place which is located in Delhi, India. Exactly on the main Lodi road in Delhi this Lodi Garden is located. This main Lodi road is on the east side  with the distance of 1 kilometre of Safdarjang’s  tomb.

The name of this park was initially was Lady Willington Park. The main attractions in Lodi Garden are shrubs which blossom, streams which are artificial, a jogging track, ponds, beautiful fountains etc. People of all ages can visit this attractive  tourist place.


This Lodi Garden was a great monument which was actually from the time of 15th to 16th century. The villagers were resettled again by British people  in the year 1936 which was the reason for creating the lush gardens which are green only around the structures of architecture.

This Lodi Garden has an excellent selection and arrangement of Bonsais which are being exhibited in National Bonsai park. J A Stein and Garret Eckbo had landscaped this Lodi garden again in the year 1968.

Construction and Specialities

 There is a Green House in Lodi Garden in which many plants are stored. There is also a garden of rose and many species of trees also in this Lodi Garden. In this Lodi Gardens many species of birds can also be seen throughout the year. Many types of birds which can be seen in this Lodi Garden like Kites, Babblers, Mynahs,Kingfishers, Owls, Parakeets, Hornbills etc.

These Kingfisher birds can be seen especially near the lake. On the domes of the tombs many vultures also used to be seen earlier. But those Vultures were lessened later on. Visitors can also observe many squirrels coming to them for food frequently which seen gladdens everyone. In the months of February and March this garden looks very beautiful which has the winter flowers bloomed which is a visual celebration for the eyes.

There is a big dome in the middle of the garden which is also known as Bara Gumbad. This Bara Gumbad was Built in 1494 whic is a mosque. There is also a Glass Dome which is named as Sheesh Gumbad wjich were the tombs of Sikander Lodi and Mohammed Shah.

The architectural style of Taj Mahal was inspired by these tombs. Solitude seekers and joggers can have this garden as a perfect place. This Lodi Garden can also be a spot for picnic especially in the winter season. Every morning many people exercise here in this Lodi Garden and this is a nice place also for the yoga classes  which are being held every morning.

 Regular walkers come here every morning and night too. The paths will be seen clearly with the light of street lamps. A walk into this Lodi Gardens can lead every individual into the historical times. This Lodi Garden is very attractive and excellent tourist place that it will be really best  if this is visited only  in the time of winter.

How to Reach and Exact Location

Lodi Garden is located in Delhi which is the capital city of India can be reached from anywhere of the country.

 Indira Gandhi airport is the nearest airport. New Delhi railway station  is the nearest one. Central secretariat is the nearest metro station. One can also reach by taking local buses or hiring taxis or auto-rickshaws.

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