Ladakh, India

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Introduction and Specialities

Ladakh is a desert which is the coldest in the world. On bright mornings dense clouds will be parted by the peaks of snow mountains. This Ladakhwas opened to tourists only in the last decade  which is the roof of the world. Ladakh is a landscape which is really magical and unrealistic. This is a landscape of extremes.

This is really experiential  for its freezing winds , burning sun, sand dunes , glaciers , and the titanic forces which have a primeval battle ground from which Himalayas are born. An isolated region from modern world in India is Ladakh. Ladakh is also an ultimate land where intense spirituality is gained which characterizes the life. And no similarities  can be found in the land and people of Ladakh between the ones an individual leaves behind and those he sees in Ladakh.

Mahayana Buddhism which has its rich traditions are still flourishing in the purest form in this Ladakh. Ladakh lies in such height which is an altitude. The height is from 9,000 feet to 25,170 feet.  You will be on the roof of the world at these heights. Some people have some enchantment of seeing mountains here which is the highest inhabited land in the world.

There is a fascination for many people which is being held by this land. The mountains here had been under the sea for some millions of years. Many villagers come across in this Ladakh which are carved out of veritable mountainside. Many stupas which reach the sky also found here.  Many monasteries in this Ladakh which are hanging from the cliffs and crags virtually  can also be visited.

The priceless  antiques and art can be observed with which the interior part is filled. The exact meaning of Ladakh is “Land of High Passes”. There was only one access to come into this high-trans Himalayan kingdom and that was coming across  several high pass crossings.  This was only till the coming of the aircraft. There is a lowest one with 14,000 feet which is known as Zoji La from the west side. There is a military highway which is known as Taglang La , now crossing from Manali is to the south east with the heigh 17,200 feet. Khardung La is to the north which is of 18,200 feet. Lunar Landscape is only the similar one to Ladakh’s Landscape than any other place on this earth.

Best Time To Visit

 Throughout the year this Ladakh will be open for the tourist and the best period will be  from June to October for tour and trek. In the November due to heavy snowfall at the high passes , most of the trekking routes will be closed. Ladakh is a destination for tourists not only in summer but also in winter. This Ladakh is at high altitude for which this place experiences extreme climatic variations.

How to Reach and Exact Location

The nearest airport is at Leh, which is well connected to Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar andChandigarh and several other cities.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi (700 km from Ladakh) which is well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. You can hire a cab or board a JKSRTC bus to reach Ladakh.

By Road

The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi (700 km from Ladakh) which is well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. You can hire a cab or board a JKSRTC bus to reach Ladakh

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