Jaigarh fort, Jaipur India

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This is a majestic and almost intact fort in Jaipur surrounded by huge battlements.

It is connected to Amer Fort (also called Amber fort) with subterranean passages.

This is a palatial structure on the “Cheel ka Teela Hills”. It is like a jewel on the crown.


It was originally built to protect the Amer Fort and the palace within the complex.

It offers a panaromic view of the city of Jaipur.

 This fort was built to protect Jaipur city and Amer fort from war lords and the rival.

This was designed by as talented architect called Vidyadhar.

This fort reflects city’s rich history and is named after Jai Singh II, the ruler who got it built.

Architectural Features

This is an opulent structure built in the early 18th century.

 The mughals used this as their main cannon foundry and storage of ammunition and other war requirements.

Jai Singh II took over this after Aurangzeb’s rule and he is known to have moulded the great Jaivana cannon along with the devices and foundries inside the fort.

 It spreads over 3 kilometres in length and 1 kilometre width. It is built with thick walls of red sandstone.

This fort has great cannon on wheels like Jaivana cannon.

 It has a beautiful garden with an armoury museum.

Important battles

This strong fort has no history of being conquered in any war.

During the mughal rule it was a silent witness to the defeat and killing of Aurangzeb’s brother by Aurangzeb himself.

His brother was an over seer of the cannon outpost in the fort.

 This fort has once test-fired the world’s largest cannon.

 The nearby tourist attractions are Amer Fort, Vijay Garh and Aravalli Hills.

So it is a welcome spot to all the adventurous and chivalrous tourista eager to read the past pages of history.

How to Reach and Exact Location

One can reach Jaipur  by air from anywhere of the country.

Jaipur also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country.

After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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