How did the Jagannatha temple get converted from Buddhist temple into Hindu temple?

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Tilak DMMSc Life Sciences & Zoology, Bangalore University (2014)

Brahmins Had created Fake Jagannath Culture replacing Buddha.

The Jagannath Temple of Puri (Odia: ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ମନ୍ଦିର) is a famous, sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Jagannath and located on the eastern coast of India, at Puri in the state of Odisha.

The temple is an important pilgrimage destination for many Hindu traditions, particularly worshippers of god Krishna and god Vishnu, and part of the Char Dham pilgrimages that a Hindu is expected to make in one’s lifetime.[1]

Why it is fake:

Jagannath temple was built in the 12th century (Date of built 1161) before that there was no sign of the term Jagannath. It means the temple is only 2016-1161=855 years old. Where Buddhism contexts are present before the Jagannath & Christen era in Odisha. The kingdom of Kalinga had been annexed by the Mauryan empire Ashoka around 262-261 BCE. After the Kalinga War Ashoka (268-232 BCE) embraced the Buddhism. It proves Buddhism was an active religion of Odisha in the age of Mauryan empire i.e. Buddhism in Odisha is older than the God Jagannatha which is more than even 2248 years. The Hathigumpha cave (“Elephant Cave”) has the Hathigumpha inscription, written by Raja Kharavela, the king of Kalinga in India, during the 2nd century BCE. Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves are partly natural and partly artificial caves of archaeological, historical and religious importance near the city of Bhubaneswar in Odisha, India. The caves are situated on two adjacent hills, Udayagiri and Khandagiri, mentioned as Kumari Parvat in the Hathigumpha inscription. They have a number of finely and ornately carved caves. It is believed that most of these caves were carved out as residential blocks for monks during the reign of King Kharavela. Udayagiri means “Sunrise Hill” and has 18 caves while Khandagiri has 15 caves. The caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri, called lena or leṇa in the inscriptions, were dug out mostly during the reign of Kharavela. Recent findings shows Buddha (563 BCE or c. 480 BCE) was born in Odisha and birth place of Buddha, Nepal is from fabricated origin due to declining of Buddhism in India by Vedic promoters. Alois Anton Führer (26 Nov. 1853, Limburg an der Lahn, Germany – 5 Nov. 1930 Binningen, Switzerland) was a German Indologist who worked for the Archaeological Survey of India that had fabricated the Buddha’s birth place with an evil intention and even had admitted his crime. If Buddha is from Odisha then Buddhism in Odisha is even more than 2500 years old.

The identities i.e. Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are all biologically impossible, so these are only mind born identities scripted with honey coated lie stories or may be with rare truths or preexisted identities with other meaning. We are told Jagannath is the Avatar of Krishna and Krishna is Avatar of Vishnu i.e. Jagannath is considered as a form of Vishnu[2] or his avatar Krishna. Vishnu had 10 hands why 10 hands were cut down in Jagannatha Avatara has no explanations. There can’t be no name Jagannatha can be found in any Veda. Vishnu had taken 10 major incarnation where atheist Budhha also had taken as an avatar by Brahmins but Jagannath is not their in those tenth incarnations! why? Vedic promoters use easy go with the word Avatar or incarnation and reincarnation. When there is an ambiguity or imposition over other identities or spiritual identity theft for personal benefits, Vedic promoters use the word “Avatar” as their great weapon. They designate to famous divine identities to only three prime identities i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara or other deities that has high honor and popularity in any regional paganism or holy scriptures heros as their God. When Brahmins philosophy raised in their regime they used three famous identities as trimurty named Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Bramha which is belongs to their own mind born origin which is only the creator. Brahmins springs from the word Brahma. Initially Bramha had five heads but Shiva behead one head which was upward in direction. This head fall down in Badrinath, so he left with only four heads, four faces and four arms which is even biologically impossible so its only a mind born identity by itself Brahmins. Now the fifth head is worshiped in Badrinath as Bramha kapal to fool innocent Hindu followers. Secondly they used the north Indian himalayan famous identity Shiva as destroyer or transformer, and third one is from Vedic identity Vishnu as preserver. In puri preserver Vishnu worshiped as Jagannath. From these three idols of Puri, Balabhadra is told as elder brother of Krishna i.e. Balarama and Shubhadra is considered as sister of Krishna and Balarama, means again its pointing to some epic that is not related to Odian contexts. The truth here is Krishna who is belongs to Yadu clan or now Yadavas from Bihar those are belongs to Shudra (Now OBC i.e. other backward class by Indian Government certification and Shudra by Vedic certification) how became a part of Odian race is out of logic? So its a honey coated white lie that Jagannath is from Vedic origin is fake. Jagannath is Vedic Odian God its because we are told by Vedic promoters from 855 years that, its your God. It was a conspiracy of faith imposition by destroying the real facts of the Odian origin. Not only they played with the sentiments of Odian race but also destroyed our original culture passing lies with miscarriage of information. It’s called faith crime and crime done to history & civilization. Each and every person those had knew the true facts and passed the information with wrong motives or intention are all racial faith criminals.

There was no sign of Jagannath cult in the history before 1200AD. There was no evidence of preexisted stone made idols of these identities in first instance or any kind of its pre-existence as represented now from historic sources as we get Buddhism and Jainism (Jainism was also a creation of Vedic promoters to suppress Buddhism as their B team). Making Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhdra idols using trees shows, it’s only creation or artistic impression of some imaginary identities through carpenter as they directed to do so with given specific attribution to those identities with specific meanings. Biswakarma had made these identities is a true lie to fool followers. So it’s a faith crime naming it as Avatar of Vishnu by some cunning people to destroy or hide original culture of Odisha.

If trees are used to create idols then it’s a creation of human beings, there is no involvement of any god is there in this faith system. Jagannath can’t be blamed for knave natives. Itself imaginary identity Jagannath is the victim of these crooks. (Since itself Jagannath idol inspired me to expose the truth, I made this blog as Jagannath tells truth.)

If you keenly study the identities, Idols are anti Vedic to Purusha sukta 10:90 of Rig Veda which declines that fourfold caste system not born from sacrificing purusha’s or Bramhas body i.e. absent of mouth, arms, thighs and legs with a hidden meaning to it for which the mouth, arms, thighs and legs are removed from the idols as God declining caste system of Rig-Veda. So making it as Vishnu is a conspiracy to hide truth. According to Rig vedic Purusha Sukta and Puranic creation of caste system from Bramha; Brahmins or priests are created from Purusha’s or Bramha’s mouth, Kshatriyas or Kings are created from their arms, Vaishyas or traders are made from their thighs and Shudras or slaves are made from their feet. If you keenly study the idols then you can find mouth, arms, thighs and legs are removed from the idols representing these idols are not representing vedic fourfold caste system and against to Brahmin’s “Purusha,” then how it became Vishnu?

Identities are not having any gender symbol representations in Idols; though we are told two from them males and another is female. Some so called scholars think that originally there was only image of Jagannatha as the object of worship called Nilamadhava and when Nila Madhava disappeared, king Indradyumna fabricated the body of Jagannatha out of a log of wood that was picked up from the sea, as per a divine direction. Some scholars suggesting that originally there, were only two deities, cite the example of a temple found in the Cuttack district in Odisha belonging perhaps to the seventh century A.D., where the images only of Jagannatha and Balabhadra have been carved and Subhadra is not to be seen there. Indradyumna is the son of Bharat i.e. ancestor of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. Its totally a fabricated information linked to Jagannath culture to promote the Jagannath culture saying its linked to Mahabharata. There is no relation with time frames of Jagannath culture and Mahabharat implies its from fabricated and mind born origin.

When we see the stories they show us human personification of Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra. If they were humans then why we worship the ugly faces of their identities? Those have no mouth, arms, thighs and feet? It shows a conspiracy behind the Jagannath faith system and hiding the truth behind the word Avatar.

Puri was a Buddhist temple before it reconstructed as Jagannath temple.

Buddha had given his teachings in Pali language. It is known that the then language of Kalinga was Pali. Either Pali is Odia or Odia is Pali because they have tremendous similarities in vocabularies and pronunciations. The stone inscription of Kharavela as can be seen in Udayagiri hill near Bhubaneswar is written in Pali. Means Buddhism was in first place comparing to fake Jagannath Culture. Why we have no information about the Jagannath in old historic evidence? If our language is Odia then why Jagannath understands only Vedic or Brahmins language Sanskrit? Why Sanskrit chants are used to communicate Jagannath for Odia devotees though it belongs to Odians?

According to Sri Lankan legends, when the Buddha died in 543 BCE, his body was cremated in a sandalwood pyre at Kushinagar and his left canine tooth was retrieved from the funeral pyre by his disciple, Khema. Khema then gave it to King Brahmadatte for veneration.[1] It became a royal possession in Brahmadatte’s country and was kept in the city of Dantapuri (modern Puri, Odisha). It shows the linkage of Buddha to Puri.

Architectural style of Puri temple is Kalinga Buddhist Architecture.

The procession of cars of the gods is mentioned in one of Ashoka’s edicts, so it’s from Buddhist origin. Proof of Chariot festival is from Jagannath cult origin is absent before 1200AD so it proofs the chariot festival of Buddhist relic fabricated to Jagannath chariot festival in Puri by Vedic promoters.

The eating of food by all class & race in the same place is a custom from Buddhist origin to decline Vedic fourfold caste system and discrimination of socioeconomic classes which had fabricated to Mahaprasad tradition but as Hotel. Meals called as “Abhada” A-Bhada which means in Odia no rent or price for meal. Abhada was for free of costs which is now sold as meals from the shrine as a hotel.

There is no historical evidence of worship of Jagannath at Puri prior to the 10th century, when Yayati Kesari was the ruler. The Buddhist King Indrabhuti’s Jnanasiddhi mentions[6] about the place of Jagannath. Nilakantha Das has mentioned that the Savaras were worshiping the image of Jagannath made of neem wood in a place called Sambal (Samal, now in Talcher of Angul District) in Oddiyana, the kingdom of Indrabhuti, which was even prior to the rule of Yayati Kesari -I. Indrabhuti[59] has described Jagannath as Buddhist deity in Jnanasiddhi.

Vishnu Avtar

Who created and why?

Jagannath is God by believe but not in reality. This belief system not even created by Jagannath; but created by some humans in the name of Jagannath. Now question arises why Jagannath had created replacing Buddhism? The answer is to decline the existed faith systems in Odisha in that time. In truth, followers are just worshiping to a trunk of a plant or a log that is shaped in an Idol form. Idol that don’t have its Mouth, Arms, Thighs, and feet and not even gender but we are told its divine and sacred. Odian sentiments were willfully linked to these identities for creating a race polarization embedding feelings of Sanaatana Dharma to it. If Idol itself in prima facie tells they are cripple and can’t do nothing then what cause followers to believe these identities as God and can change their life? It’s totally making fools to follower by its implementers for their personal or organized benefits playing with the followers sentiments. Don’t you think it’s one kind of stupidity or psychological disorder that creates logical blindness? Willfully crazy sentiments were enforced to our mind by some Vedic Brahmins those implemented all these things through our anti-Buddhist Odian kings. Real Odian brain washed out by Jagannath culture. Jagannath culture is not our real culture it is fabricated culture intentionally created to destroy our real great culture i.e. Buddhism. Before 1200 AD there was no sign of Jagannath in any historic scripture contexts, even you can’t find it in Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita, if somebody claims then verify it you can easily find its 100% from fabricated origin. When Vedic Brahmin emperor Pushyamitra Shunga declined Buddhism in Ashoka’s empire it might had been lost but, after 700 AD when Adi Shankaracharya tried to reestablish Sanatan Dharma or Vedism then this Jagannath culture framed by this Vedic promoter Brahmins with our Odian king ruled at that time declining Buddhism. Shankaracharya established four Mathas in India for vedic Brahmins hegemony and Puri’s Gobardhana matha is one from them. Buddhist temple reformed as Jagannath temple with some modifications by the influence of Vedic promoters like Adi Shankaracharya and Ramanuja.

Purusha Sukta- The Caste system of India

The caste system hails from Purusha sukta (puruṣasūkta) hymn 10.90 of the Rig-Veda. Purusha is described as a primeval giant, not unlike Norse Ymir, that is sacrificed by the gods (Purushamedha) and from whose body the world and the Varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which in turn the world was made. In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins or priests were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas or Kings from his arms, the Vaishyas or Traders from his thighs, and the Shudras or Slaves from his feet. The Moon was born from his spirit, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth. It means Brahmins in our ancient India created this definition according to their favor to dominate other social groups for racial hegemony. Their motive was to divide society symbolizing according to the important body parts of a human with social pivotal professions to administer the social groups according to their favor. Objecting to Purusha of Veda, Jagannath Identity had created. Jagannath idols are anti Brhamins and anti Vedic like Buddha. No mouth represents, we don’t believe or declines that Brahmins or priests are created from purusha’s mouth, no arms represents we declines or don’t believe that Kshatriyas or Kings are born from Prusha’s arms, no thighs represent we declines Vaishyas or Traders are made from prusha’s thighs and no legs of Jagannath idol represents we decline or don’t believe Shudras or Slaves are made from Purusha’s feet; the remained rest of the body is our society without any class system those are having rights of equality in all respectsand all forms. In other words, excluding those are made from mouth, arms, thighs and feet remaining body is our society that don’t have any class. So identity is against the fourfold caste system.


Brahmins were invited to puri from outside of Odisha, specially from Kanauja to integrate Brahmins culture with the temple. Odia is our language but these Brahmins used Sanskrit to convey our prayer to these idols to make Vedic benefits from followers. Sanskrit is mother of all languages is also a big lie by Vedic promoters. Jagannath understands Sanskrit language shows its not from the Odian origin. If it could have been Pali then it would have been taken some extent to origin of Odians. Jagannath understands Sanskrit language, discriminate devotees by birth, place and castes, communicated only by Brahmins all points to “its a creation of Stupid Vedic Scholars.” The honey coated lie stories with rare truths mixed with different ratios with stories like Nila madhaba, Jaga Balia etc. integrating to these idols to create a bonding with the tribal race, hence after, we all fools following the culture as our heritage origin blindly without verifying its authenticity. But we forgot Ashoka who invaded Odisha in his regime and had converted to Buddhism after Kalinga War. So Buddhism was a largest practiced faith in that time in this region. He not only adopted the Buddhism but he had also spread it to outside of India. Japan, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. all follows Buddhism but in his mother land it is destroyed. Many research points, Buddha’s birth place is in Odisha. If Buddha’s birth place is in Odisha then why he is not an Odian? Many proofs are there Buddha was an Odian but itself Odians don’t know Buddha is an Odian. Ashoka had made a great and largest united kingdom by unifying many kingdoms in Indian peninsula. The kingdom of Ashoka is now known as India. Buddhism was the National religion of kingdom of Ashoka. So our first National religion is Buddhism. Ashoka never believed in vedism and their caste system. He had suppressed the Brahmanism in his regime those were used to practicing vedism and sacrifices of animals in yangya or havan. If Jagannath culture had there in the age of Ashoka then why he did not adopted and propagated Jagannath culture after Kalinga War? Why he did not make Jagannath shrines and its emblems all over India? Why he did not leave the evidence of Jagannath in his stone inscriptions? Brahmins were officiating animal sacrifices in puja and was taking it as food for their living in their age of Vedism. Since Buddhism strongly supports in nonviolence, Ashoka had stopped animal sacrifices and punished cruelly for practicing such kind of activities, so Brahmins lost their livelihood. It’s the reason why Brahmins became vegetarian and it became a puritanical practice to their evolution. When Brahmins lost their job they are told to join Ashoka’s army for their livelihood. After the Ashoka when his descendant was following the path of nonviolence and busy in spreading Buddhism one Brahmin had already been the army chief of Ashoka’s kingdom. His name was Pushyamitra Shunga. In the year 185 BCE, about fifty years after Ashoka’s death, one day when the king of Asoka kingdom i.e. descendant of Ashoka named Brihadratha was seeing the strength of army in a march this dishonest army chief Brahmin Pushyamitra assassinated the last ruler of Ashoka and proclaimed himself as the king of Ashoka’s kingdom and forcefully implemented the Manusmriti as the constitution, that is the reason why all the Ashoka’s united kingdom’s societies divided in four classes according to their adopted profession in the time of implementation as per vedic purusha Sukta fourfold caste system. It all happened in 185BC-149BC. Ashoka’s kingdom had no caste classes so it was like USA, China, Canada, Russia, Australia and Japan or as other developed counties those don’t have any castes in their Nation, even their natives don’t know what is castes? Social recognition of their citizens are primarily according to their gender, demography, skills or educations and profession they presently do but they are not recognized as according to their one of forefather’s profession they were doing once upon a time in past like Vedic caste system in India. Jagannath itself is representing it does not support Brahmins Purusha Sukta so it is anti Brahmins like Buddha so it implicates Jagannath is from Buddhist origin and Buddha is linked to Odian race but its wiped out or fabricated to that extent that Odian race could not find the Buddhist history from their own land. It shows the height of heinous Brahmins conspiracy or criminal activity to Odian race. I must tell you one thing clear is, Brahmins in Odisha are converted Brahmins; I don’t blame it as their creation but they were the promoter without their prior knowledge and was a part of this conspiracy as victims. The Brahmins of Odisha majorly from tribal origin and they are even victim of Vedic fourfold caste system. They are Brahmin because Vedic Brahmins certified them as Brahmins for their evil motives. They are used for maintaining heinous Vedic Brahmins Philosophy in Odian race as an weapon. It is something like BJP party which was previously known as BJS had started by Syama Prasad Mookerjee on 21 October 1951 in Delhi in collaboration with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) but in Odisha we have their party leaders, members and voters. It is said Pushyamitra Shunga the Vedic dishonest and cruel Brahmin had massacred 70000 Buddhist monks in one day. Vedic Brahmins were the first radical terrorist in the world those had massacred such a number of Buddhist monks in India. He had declared 100 gold coins for one Buddhist monks head so Buddhism wiped out from India. The Brahmin King Shashanka even did the same in his regime. Now followers of Vedic and Manusmriti ideology promoting Vedism in a political form. Kalinga was a part of Ashoka’s kingdom so fourfold caste system and vedism had implemented by the shine of sword like Islam invaders did in their regime. Buddhism don’t believe in castesm so it proofs Odian had no fourfold caste system before the vedism implemented to us. All Odia speaking people has one origin of tribe due to using same language as their mother tongue so it’s a linguistic race without affiliation to Sanatan Dharma as we told as its our origin. When fourfold caste system implemented our native odians, it divided in four classes according to their professions. Tribal idol care takers or tribal priests became Brahmins and after that, might be they had been privileged to learn veda for officiating Vedic ceremonies. Ruling people became Khatriya and those were involved with business became vaishya, and rest with any profession in the society became Shudra and those are not included in the society are labeled as Atishudra or out castes. It means our real culture destroyed by Vedism and we lost our original heritage for which all social disharmony became a pain to these days. Since Vedism sanctioned the class according to their profession many lower castes deprived from right to good life, equality, liberty, education, property, justice, dignity for long decades due to Brahmins code Manusmriti. Means vedism forced to our odian tribe to produce fools so that they can make an advantage for their selfish goals. They made itself odian against odian implementing a human discrimination class system to them. To promote and maintain Vedism, and to destroy “Buddhism” fake Jagannath culture intentionally created by Vedic promoters with antibuddhist kings of Odisha. Buddha never believed in God and never propagated even existence of God but Vedic promoters used Buddha as an Avatar in Sanatan Dharama and made him a puppet God like other deities in Sanatan Dharma. Here I must tell you one thing more that all famous deities like Rama, Shiva, Krishna etc. are not belongs to vedic culture and even can’t be found in veda, but they included all these pagan famous identities as deities with honey coated lies as a part of their culture as prime God and Avatars to make fools to followers. They used these identities for their selfish and organised benefits for followers in the name spirituality, devotion, heritage and culture. No good human ever tell to worship his private part i.e. linga or penis or in informal odian word “Banda” and in Hindi “Lond or Laura” but these Vedic promoters fooled to their followers telling them it as divine till to date. It shows the height of hypocrisy by Vedic promoters. They think followers are all such kind of fools they will do anything whatever we tell them in the name of God. Penis is a body part of the male human beings that is used for reproduction and removing wastage materials as urine from our body, so how it could be divine it is out of logic! when itself body admits the urine is wastage? Had Shiva recommend to worship his penis instead of his full body or this vedic promoters promoted it for their evil motives? They even taught cow urine and cow dung are medicines those are even used as an ingredients in panchagavya, later named as Panchamrita replacing urine and dung with honey and sugar which should be taken for long life or immortality. According to Puranic context Shiva belongs to Kiratians i.e. a tribe seen in north Indian region basically in Nepal which is now categorise as ST or Scheduled tribe by Government recognition and Atishudra by Vedic certification. How a ST God had been banned to Shudra followers for a long decades though the God itself belongs to their origin? It shows the Vedic hegemony to the faith system and identity theft for selfish reasons. When Shaivism propagated in Odisha it destroyed the Buddhism and major lingas were made using Buddhist Ashoka pillars as prime stones. Lingaraj temple’s Shiva linga is a great example of this kind of occurrence. There is no involvement of these identities making them as God. They are God because these vedic promoters promoted them as God and used them for their personal and organized benefits. They use their stories to polarize followers and to have benefits from them. Same stories are told thousand times to their follower by different Vedic promoters (Spiritual leaders and executives, Babas etc.) for faith polarization to make benefits from them. It all shows Jagannath culture is intentionally created to destroy our real Odian culture. Abhada (Sacred Prasad), puri sweets etc. are all rich in tests; no doubt all are these awesome but all used to promote presently fake Jagannath culture to polarize followers. Jagannath never cooks these foods so foods have the same tests even without the Jagannath. Prasads are never given to followers in free of costs so selling of Prasad in the temple in other means, it’s a Hotel of God. In these faith cyclone of polarization many foreigners even polarized and became followers of Jagannath but Jagannath declines these followers to enter in the temple! Which kind of God it is? that even declines its true followers? Jagannath does it or those radicals that made Jagannath as God for their selfish benefits, those declines in the name of Jagannath culture? It all shows Jagannath itself is a puppet God by their creators and promoters. Sat Karma (Justified Good deeds) is known as Dharma. Now think if a culture based on lies, cheating, exploitations, irrationalities, superstitions & blind beliefs with different kind of antisocial activities, how it could be said as Sat Karma? Now whatever we practice is “ku karma” (Bad and unjustified deeds) in the name of Dharma. Means Dharma word even badly misapplied, misused, misrepresented by the Vedic culture.

Reason of exposing the Jagannath faith.

It destroyed original rich Odian culture of Odisha replacing Buddha.

It spreads lies, blind beliefs, irrationalities, spiritual exploitations and weakening the psychology of Odian race in the name of custom or tradtion, culture and heritage. It empowers guileful priests, stupid scholars, knaves, making Jagannath caretakers megalomaniacs and crooks, spread discriminations banning specific devotees, creating faith cheaters, etc. as social evils.

The Jagannath culture is a fool making culture where it is taught Neem (Margossa) trees made identities are controlling your lives if you truly believe in it. Vedic promoters promotes that, tree made cripple identities are supreme and runs our universe. Blessings are sold here with the exchange of donations i.e. honest robbery by Brahmins in the name of God. In truth it is only used for Hindu or Sanatan Dharma polarization center for specific selfish goals. Its also making followers to mass hysteria; apart from making few of them radicalized and extremist.

It’s creating one kind of spiritual hegemony to Odians and siritual slavery to an imaginary identity.

Odisha Media willfully spreads the lies in the name of culture and heritage by telecasting the Rathayatra and different Jagannath festivals etc. to achieve popularity but in other hand it is destroying the Odian mental health.

Temple works as a Hindu polarization center to be used by Vedic promoters for their selfish goals. Its not only polarizing the followers but also radicalizing followers those can be harmful in future.

Jagannath culture making Odians, slaves to religious passions. Slaves to crooks, cheaters and exploiters. Slave to lies, superstitions, blind beliefs and irrationality. Create logical blindness in case of Jagannath spiritual knowledge and practices. It make slaves to unscientific things and imaginative delusive world. If you passes these things to your descendants then its simply, making your descendants spiritually psychopathic and lunatic. It can give you a fake mental counseling to make you happy. It can make you happy with its worship, ceremonials and practices. It can help you to unify as a commune. God industry may give you money and power but in other hands our descendants are being psychologically sick, stupids and fools. It makes you academically educated but intelligently illiterate.

It hurts, but as a responsible Odian, I must aware to my Odian race about the true facts to make our race psychological strong and healthy exposing the truth behind the Jagannath cult. The lies only 855 years old. If we will continue to passing lies and miscarriage of information to our descendants it will be very harmful to their psychological health. So any inconvenience regretted. You can even continue the faith knowing its truth. It’s because faith is like an addiction; though it is informed but very hard to stop. So pass the information to next generation with truths so their mental health can be vaccinated. If your mind starts verbal abuse to me, then just think what made you so? Its the radicalization i.e. special love addiction to an identity which is even mind born or imaginary; so its a psychological disorder which is shown in Islam radical terrorists those kill people when asked about their faith contradictions. Its not inborn, its only due to polarization of a belief that controlls your mind.

Other proofs:

Adi Shankaracharya is the root cause of destroying Buddhism in Puri.


Govardhana matha(820 AD) had founded by Adi Shankara (788 CE-820 CE[1] (aged 32)) and had established before the temple was reconstructed by Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva i.e. in 820 AD. So it is quite sure here is the key point of destruction of Buddhism in Odisha. Adi Shankara was the philosopher and theologian[5] from India who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta.[1] He is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thought in Hinduism and as a great Vedism promoter. Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya are considered to be the pillars of Vedantic tradition of spiritual India. Adi Shankara had more inclination to Shaivism according to his three parallel mark worn on the forehead that belongs to represent worshipping to Shiva as prime God. Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva (1077AD-1150AD) was a ruler of the Eastern Ganga dynasty during its apogee, which ruled southern part of Kalinga, India. The Jagannath Temple at Puri was rebuilt in the 12th century[1]atop its ruins by Anantavarman Chodaganga. The ruined temple was nothing but a Buddhist shrine. King Chodaganga was originally a Shaivite from Srimukhalingam who became a Vaishnava under the influence of Ramanuja (1017–1137 CE) when he visited Puri. Since Govardhana matha had established in 820 AD in Odisha its highly possible Shaivism had spread in Puri due to only Adi Shankara but when his next great vedic promoter Ramanuja came to Odisha then he polarized the king according to his inclination to godly identity i.e. Vaishnavism. Ramanuja was a great follower of Vishnu. You can find the Vaishnavism symbol used by Ramanuja and in Puri temple’s top are same. Its the reason why it is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. The Jagannath temple was built in the 12th century (1161 AD) atop its ruins by the progenitor of the Eastern Ganga dynasty, King Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva.[3][4] but Govardhana Matha was existed 1161-820=341 years before the reconstruction of the temple. What it was doing there? Adi Shankara is root cause of destroying Buddhism after the Shunga empire and was a prime promoter of Vedism that propagates Purushasukta of Rigveda (fourfold caste system) and ideology of Manusmriti. So he was the first Master Mind to destroy the real culture of Odisha and making of the fake Jagannath Culture. Adi Shankara and Ramanuja have no origin to Odian race at all though both are belongs to south India and were representing Shaivite and Vaishnava cult of Vedism imposed paganism i.e. Sanatana Dharma or Brahmanism. Vedism is not a part of Odian race as claimed by present Odian spiritual scholars and leaders due to either lack of historic ignorance or want to impose and continue Vedic hegemony declining real Odian culture Budhhism for self and organized benefits.

Ramanuja Converted the Puri temple to Vaishnavism.




See the above pictures Shankaracharya Sri Nischalananda Saraswati of Puri infront of a banner that don’t have even Jagannath picture in that banner in any place, though he represents to Lord Jagannath culture. Using the picture of Adi sankaracharya and not using the picture of Jagannath picture shows the real position of Jagannath in their heart.

Buddhist Ashoka’s pillar like structures are there in Puri as Aruna Stambha and Garuda Stambha:

Aruna Stambha

According to W.J. Wilkinson, in Puri, Buddhism was once a well established practice but later Buddhists were persecuted and Brahmanism became the order of the religious practice in the town; the Buddha deity in now worshipped by the Hindus as Jagannatha. It is also said that some relics of Buddha were placed inside the idol of Jagannath which the Brahmins claimed were the bones of Krishna. Even during Ashoka‘s reign in 240 BC Odisha was a Buddhist center and that a tribe known as Lohabahu (barbarians from outside Odisha) converted to Buddhism and built a temple with an idol of Buddha which is now worshipped as Jagannatha. It is also said that Lohabahu deposited some Buddha relics in the precincts of the temple. W.J Wilkison suspected the things well but could not express it perfectly. The thing is Buddhist emblemes destroyed by Brahminism/Vedism fabricating the Idol.

Source: Jagannath Tells Truth.


Alois Anton Führer – Wikipedia

Alois Anton Führer: Revision history – Wikipedia

To check similarities with Pali with Odia use this website:

Check usual body parts like eye, ear, leg etc. or 1,2,3, numbers, animals like Dog.. food like rice or fruit like mango or verb like “more” etc. etc… the exact word of Odia with same pronunciation will be found.

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Architectural style of Puri temple is Kalinga Buddhist Architecture.

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Jagannatha Temple: Discrimination Based on Birth.

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Remotes of Vedism/Sanatan Dharma.

Polticians those like Vedic Guru 🙂 Many more might be there but those are caught in google search given here.

About 80% of Indian population i.e. more than 96.63 crore citizens represents themselves as Hindu so you can estimate roughly the donations to God given by these Hindu followers. The mind of 80% hindu faith followers can be controlled by these vedic gurus so you can guess why politicians are here. Diffrent kind of faith polarization are always used for diffrent selfish reasons and for self and organized benifits. Polarization for vote banks, wealth, power and communal violence are major social evils among them by both political and spiritual leaders. I see these as faith crimes and crime against democracy whcih should be punished by our government to both spiritual and political leaders for commiting such kind of offences by implementing laws. Faith criminals always escapes in the name of God, religions, spirituality, traditions, customs, heritage and cultutre. These vedic Gurus are claiming themselves with Pandits or Swami or Maharaj etc. titles, but it is always a question in my mind who gives them that honor and what is the authenticity of those honor giving organisations. Which kind of examination they undergo to get that honor or degree of Pandit or it’s always a favoritism and nepotism or self claimed? I don’t know which guru gyans they deliverd to Indian socieity! and how thier own guru gyan benifited to Indian race. I searched a lot but could not find anything those are said by them their own, except promoting those old irrational evil vedic thoughts. Vedic or Sanatan Dharma promoting Babas and spiritual gurus always preach those old Ramayana, Krishna Lila and Gitas gyan as prime stories, and make money from innocent psychologically depressed hindu followers.

Joke i.e. spiritual and political drama Caugt in Google Search, Political leader Garlanded by a Famous Hindu Spiritual Guru 🙂

Ayodhya site belongs to Buddhist faith

The controversial place in Ayodhya is neither the birth-place of Rama, the Hindu King, nor a mosque but originally it was a Baudh Vihar,” King Ashoka had constructed 84,000 Buddhist Stupas and many thousand Viharas but none of them were found in their place today as Shankarayacharya, with the help of king Sudhanwa, destroyed them and converted them into Hindu temples. Archeological Survey of India in its report submitted in 2003 had found that there was a circular shrine beneath the disputed structure after which the Allahahad high court ordered further collection of evidences.”So far it has not been done. It is most likely that this shrine is of Buddhists. The mosque is made on the ruins of Baudh Vihar and hence should be given to Buddhists,” It is supressed due to RSS and its wing BJP supressed this matter with political, executive and judiciary influences and dominance. BJP got the power just polarizing the hindu faith. Before the polarization it has no existance. The Jana Sangh (now BJP) won only three Lok Sabha seats in the first general elections in 1952. It maintained a minor presence in parliament until 1967. Although initially unsuccessful, winning only two seats in the 1984 general election, it grew in strength on the back of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Ram Janmabhoomi (1992) movement took a great role to uplift the party using faith sentiments of widely adopted Vedic followers of India now called as Hindus. Telecasting of Ramayana in India in during 1986-1988 had helped a lot to unify Hindus through Hindu polarization for Ram Janmabhoomi by the BJP party. BJP misused faith for political use. Ramayan serial was an Indian epic television series which was based on Valmiki‘s Ramayana and Tulsidas‘Ramcharitmanas, created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. Ramayana helped BJP party to propagate their ideology through religious base and promotion of the party went as fire due to Television popularity of Ramayan. Its the reason why they want to built temple there to make it as a Hindu polarization center for their vote bank.


‘Disputed site in Ayodhya belongs to Buddhists’


Teachings of Jagganath to his followers is ZERO.

Teachings of Buddha to his followers that guide their life.

Do not believe in anything blindly simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything blindly simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything blindly simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything blindly merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe blindly in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

A man asked Buddha “I want happiness.” Buddha said first remove “I” that’s ego. Then remove “Want” that’s desire. See now you are left with only “Happiness.”

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Physical charms attract the eyes, goodness attracts the mind.

Flattering words are but honey-coated poison.

Light dispels darkness. Wisdom dispels ignorance.

As you sow so you reap.

Until death there is nothing enough.

Failure teaches a man how to succeed.

Poverty with dignity is better than wealth based on shame.

Don’t escape when you have a problem because there always is a way to solve it.

Ignorance is the real evil.

It is easy to know man’s face, but it is difficult to know his thought.

Peace is the highest bliss.

Do try to do good but not to be great, otherwise you will be in danger.

Clean, clear, calm; these are characteristics of a noble person.

Anxiety shortens life.

Selfishness is the father of all evil and real enemy of peace.

Doubt everything. Find your own light.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Today is better than two tomorrows.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood. Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.

The Four Noble truths

The First Noble Truth is that old age, illness, and death are all forms of human suffering, and that there are many other other ways in which people suffer.

The Second Noble Truth is that suffering is closely linked to desire, a desire for being which leads from birth to death and involve ageing, illness, and mortality. There are also various desires for pleasures and for powers which, frustratingly, may not be realised.

The Third Noble Truth is that suffering can be dispelled by the abandonment of all desires.

The last of the Four Noble Truths holds that such abandonment of desires can be achieved by following the Noble Eightfold Path

In Short Four Noble Truths is:

1. Suffering exists

2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires

3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases

4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path.

The Noble Eightfold Path

Right Belief (in the Truth)

Right Intent (to do good rather than evil)

Right Speech (avoidance of untruth, slander and swearing)

Right Behaviour (avoid blameworthy behaviours)

Right Livelihood (some occupations e.g. butcher, publican, were disparaged!!!)

Right Effort (towards the good)

Right Contemplation (of the Truth)

Right Concentration (will result from following the Noble Eightfold Path)

In Short Noble Eightfold Path

Three Qualities Eightfold Path

Wisdom (panna) Right View

Right Thought

Morality (sila) Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Meditation (samadhi) Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Contemplation

Whenever Buddha was asked “What is God” He always maintained silence. No matter the questioner is a beggar or a King,” Buddha never replied. But Ananda, the most dedicated student of Buddha couldn’t contain his curiosity. At last he himself asked the same question to Buddha.

Buddha replied-

If you wait a little, if you are a little patient, if you allow the question to move within you, you are capable of solving it. Either it will be solved or you will come to know that it is absurd. There are absurd questions which cannot be solved — and they are not mysteries.

Either, remember, they are simply absurd questions. For example, linguistically it may look perfectly right, grammatically it may look perfectly right, and existentially it may be absurd. For example, you can ask, “What is the smell of the color red?” Linguistically, grammatically, there is no flaw in it. “What is the smell of the color red?” — the question can be raised, but if you look deep into it, it is not a question, it is simply absurd. Colors have nothing to do with smells; there is no relationship at all. Colors are colors, smells are smells; neither smells have colors, nor colors have smells. It is just like asking how to see music with the eyes. The question looks perfectly right: How to see music? But music is not an object to be seen, it is not an object for the eyes; it can only be heard, not seen. Beauty can be seen but cannot be heard. We can make a thousand and one absurd questions. People have asked down the ages…the so-called wise too. In fact, the so-called learned people are always deep down very stupid people. Their learnedness is nothing but a cover up for this inner stupidity. They raise great fuss for nothing, great ado for nothing. They are clever, that is true — clever to create such absurd questions. At least they are able to give to those absurd questions an appearance of rationality.

How many hells? How many heavens? How many angels? When did God create the world? Why did God create the world? All are absurd questions: you cannot solve them, because they are not questions in the first place. Neither are they mysteries, because a mystery cannot be formulated in words. It is only a question mark, a question mark in the silent heart — just a great surprise, a wonder, awe. And then each and every thing creates awe. Allow this question mark to settle in you. The meaningful questions will be solved, the meaningless will be known as absurd; then finally remains only the question mark You say: “The paradox is that the words dissolve but the question mark remains.”

We don’t know why we are here, may be we can never know. Because Unknown can be never known. When question is wrong- How can I answer? But this is the only life you got now and you know about. So Rejoice! Celebrate! This is a great moment, this is the door to the divine. and then Ananda went in silence, never asked an absurd question again.


Buddha word is derived from word budh, which means, to be awake, to understand, to know; which constitutes the word Buddhi, means inner wisdom or intellect, that is based on Truth” (sat) or “Reality” the function of mind that knows, judges, decides, i.e. discriminates right from wrongs which is in other form known as wisdom based on rational mind which is presently known as science. Here Buddha does not mean Sidhartha Goutam which is mistakenly understood by many followers. Idol of Sidhartha Goutama is taken as emblem to represent his teachings as Buddha but not God.

Buddham saranam gacchami

I go to the Buddha for refuge or I am going to submitted to wisdom or science to protect myself from evils.

Dhammam/Dharmam saranam gacchami

I go to the Dhamma/Dharma for refuge or I am going to submitted to justified good deeds to protect myself from evils.

Sangham saranam gacchami

I go to the Sangha for refuge or I am going to submitted to intellectual group those are following good and justfied knowledge or wisdom and justified good deeds to protect myself from evils.

NB: I will never tell, brand yourself to any faith. Faith discriminates people. You can use good and justified knowledge as your guide of life that makes you a good human being; it does not matter it streamed from which faith. Justified good knowledge has no relation with God, spirituality and religions, it’s all are branded under the umbrella of faith to promote their faith system.


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