Golconda Fort, Hyderabad Telangana India

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The prestigious pride of  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, this military excellence has made a mark in the history of military architecture.

 Its huge size and impenetrable structure made it the perfect high ground during wars. It is located in the low-lying Hyderabad.


 There is an amusing story behind this military  structure. In 1143, a shepherd boy found an idol on a hill named ‘Mangalavarm’.

When the royal ears of the Kakatiya Dynasty heard this, his decision was to build a mud fort to protect the idol.

 It was named as Gola Conda which means the shepherd’s hill. Its construction was completed in 13th century.

The strong structure to this fort was given by the Qutb Shahi Dynasty who took over the power from the Kakatiyas around 1507.

The attack of Aurangzeb in 1687, turned many parts of the fort to ruins. Still he made use of the fort.  

Even in its ruined stage it was difficult to penetrate. But a traitor in the army of Aurangzeb opened a side gate to the fort.


Within the 10 km long outer wall, it encompasses 87 bastions, 8 gateways, 4 drawbridges, numerous temples, beautiful palaces and mosques.

Special Attractions

Fateh Darwaza, the outer most gateway takes you inside the victory gate is called so as Aurabngzeb marched through this gate with his army after his victoty.

This gate is laden with iron spikes to protect it from being knocked by elephants.

Another Marvel

The archway dome with its acoustics effect give the memorable experience of having the echo of your clap heard a kilometre away.

The gate at Bala hisar is ornamented with various carvings and designs. The clay pipes, spread throughout the fort, speak the remarkable water supply of this fort.

Tourists Highlights

Towering over the low lying Hyderabad, it offers a magnificient light and sound show regarding its rich history.

Presented in three languages English, hindi and telugu of 55 minutes duration, it portrays the glorious pasts.

 During summer, the show timing is 7 pm, winter at 6.30 pm.

You can have the show in English on Wednesday and Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday in Hindi and on Thursday in telugu. But there are no shows on Mondays.

 Uniqueness of The Golconda Charm

The vast, barren landscape and surrounding hill is unparalleled in its presence and grandeur. An aspiring tourist can never miss this military magnificience.

How to Reach and Exact Location

One can reach Hyderabad by air from anywhere of the country.

Hyderabad also can be reached by rail and road from anywhere of the country. After reaching the city every one can reach here by catching local buses and also can hire taxis or auto- rickshaws from anywhere throughout the city.

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