Ganges Holy River, India

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Ganga is a river of India which plays a vital and significant role  in the Indian livelihood. It is a beloved river of her people. The everlasting symbol of India’s long culture, civilization and age is river Ganga. It was and will be the same Ganga which is ever changing and ever flowing.


The most sacred river of India is Ganga. The most worshipped river in India is also none other than Ganga. This Ganges is especially  the most sacred river to Hindus. The Holy river of India which is being worshipped always is also this Ganges. Not only in India but also all over the world Ganges is the only holy river which is being worshipped.

This Ganges is very long that the size of her is  nearly 2,525 square kilometres. India’s longest river is this holy river Ganges only. Not only India’s but also this Ganges is one of the longest rivers in the world. Gaumukh is the source which is also known as Gangotri glacier at 4,100 metres above sea-level. The basin of Ganga is also more than one million square kilometres.

In many places in India

There are many states through which this most worshipped holy Ganga passes. Those states are Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan , Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh , Jharkhand , Bihar , West Bengal and Delhi. There are many tributaries also  of this holy Ganga. They are Khan , Kali , Hindon , Gomti , Ghagra , Ganga , Gandak , Damodar , Chambal ,  Betwa , Kosi ,Kshipra , Yamuna and Ramganga.

This Holy Ganga supports  almost 43 percent  of the population which is approximately  448.3 millions of India. The water of this Holy Ganges can cure the dangerous diseases. This water is having the healing properties also.  This Ganges is a very major site in India  for pilgrimage. This Ganga is also a major site  for River Rafting in India.

The consideration of Hindus  about the water of Ganges is to be both pure and purifying which is still remaining as a religious icon of the world. This river Ganga is formed with the joining of the river Bhagirathi and Alakananda  in Devaprayag. On this Ganga there are two major dams. One dam is at Haridwar and the other dam is in Farakka which is a part of the Hydro electric project.

Rishikesh , Haridwar , Varanasi and Prayag are the major pilgrimage places on this river Ganga.

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