Four hacked to death in Odisha’s Kalahandi district

by kalahandi info

Four people including three of a family were axed to death by an inebriated man in Kalahandi district Saturday evening, police said.

Dharmagarh deputy superintendent of police Laxminarayan Panda said the bodies of four people were found on Palasa-Pipalguda road in Jaipatna block of Kalahandi district. A motorcycle and two bicycles were also found beside the bodies.

Three of the deceased – Sudar Naik, Linga Naik and Nakul Naik – were of a family while the fourth deceased was identified as one Upi Sabar. Police said the four have been hacked to death with an axe. Their heads bore deep gashes.

A suspect has been detained.

“It seems the deceased had an altercation with the accused following which the murders took place. We are trying to find out the exact motive of the murder,” said police officials.



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