Brihadeeshwara Temple, Tamil Nadu India

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 Brihadeeshwar Temple is a very attractive and marvellous construction which is located in the place called thanjavur which is in the state Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is also very famous with the name Peruvudaiyar Kovil which is also known as Raja Rajeshwara Temple. 

This is a temple of Lord Shiva related to the Hindu Religion especially.

The representation of the architectural style of Tamil is clearly understood through this excellent structure.

In the time of Cholas this monument was constructed. There is a site named “Great Living Chola Temples” of UNESCO World Heritage in which this temple has a part.

There are many architectural sites which are most prized among which one is this Brihadeeshwar Temple.

 There are many temples in India which are very big among which this attractive structure is also one. Raja Raja Chola I was the engineer by whom the construction of this temple was finished in 1010 A.D which had completed its 1000 years with the year 2010.

Construction and Specialities

This temple has a tower which is the biggest and tallest in the whole world has the height of 216 feet which is equal to 66 metres.

This temple tower is also known as the Temple Vimana. This temple has also a Gopura Kumbham which is made of only one stone with the weight of 80 tons which is also known as Chikharam or Kumbha.

And only one rock was used to sculpt a bull which is very sacred which is a very big sculpture. This sacred bull is also known as Nandi.

 There is also a doorway of this Brihadeeshwar Temple which measures the length of 16 feet and the height of 13 feet. Only the granite stone was used for constructing this excellent temple structure in Thanjavur which is nearby to Tiruchirapalli  from where the sources were provided.

The Architecture of Brihadeeshwar Temple

Kunjana Mallan Raja Raja Perunthachan was a great architect who designed the incredible architecture for the construction of this temple. This information was clearly inscribed which were found in the way of inscriptions at the temple.

 Vaasthu Shaastraas and Aagamaas were followed perfectly which were very ancient in the form of texts while designing the architectural plan for this temple. Dr. V.Ganesh Sthapati who was the architect of the 133’’ granite Thiruvallur sculpture in South India had initiated the Yankee University of Mayonic Science and Technology for the architectural principles to continue in the same type.

Kunjara Mallan Raja Raja Perunthachan had utilized these same principles of architecture which were used in the construction of Brihadeeshwar temple. The measurement of 13/8 inch was used in designing this temple.

This was the first construction which was built with granite totally and was completed in the time of 5 years. Those five years from 1004 A.D to 1009 A.D.

How to Reach and Exact Location

One can reach Chennai by air road, road and train and can reach Thanjavur by road which is 338 km long.

And can reach Madurai through road and rail and can reach Thanjavur which is 206 km long.

And can reach Coimbatore by air, road and rail and can reach Thanjavur which is 261 km long.

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