Amber fort, Amer Rajasthan India

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Amber fort is an attractive monument which is located in Amer. Amer is a town which is with an area of 4 square kilometres which is 11 kilometres far from Jaipur in Rajasthan , India. Amber fort is an excellent tourist attraction which is located high on a hill. The artistic style  of Amber fort which blends both Hindu and Rajput elements is well-known across the world.


Raja Shri Maan Singh Ji Saheb who was in 16th century built this Amber fort. Emperor Akbar had Maan Singh as his first war chief  who was also the trusted general of him. Maan singh was included among the “Navaratnas” or The Nine Gems of the royal court. The construction of this Amber fort was started by Maan singh in 1592 which was a fortress palace of white and red sandstone.

Construction and Specialities

This monument is having fpour different parts. These four different parts have four different entrances separately. There is an entry named Suraj pol which is well known as Sun-gate and this givesthe way to  main courtyard. This gate is the main one into the palace which faces east respecting the rising sun and that is only the source of its name.there are four courtyards of this fort and the “Jaleb Chowk” is one of the four.


The meaning of the name Diwaan-e-Aam is “Hall of Public Audience”. This is an attractive hall which stands on two rows and the pillars are ornamented as well as the opens are three on three sides. It is a known fact that general public used to convey their complaints and needs here to the king.


This means “The Hall of Private Audience” which has the delicate mosaic glass work. It is said that the king used to meet special guests , friends and ministers here.

Sukh Nivas

Sukh Nivas which is also known as Sukh mandir  is a place in this fort which is exactly opposite to Diwaan-e-Khaas. This Sukh Nivas has doors which are made of ivory and sandalwood. The creation of cool climate in this artistic hall is done artificially. Kings used to spend time here with queens and mistresses  which is the main reason to call it as a residence of pleasures (Sukh Nivas).

Sheesh Mahal

The most famous and attractive part of Amber fort is Sheesh mahal. This is also called as a place of mirrors. Beautiful paintings and flowers are carved on the walls and ceiling in this  hall which are made of glass purely. In the ancient days  queens used to enjoy seeing stars shining but were not allowed to sleep in open air.

 This was the reason to make everything by glass. This was a solution given by architects  when they were ordered by the king to solve the purpose. The excellent and interesting part of this hall is that  if two candles are burnt then the reflection will be converted into thousands of stars.

How to Reach and Exact Location To reach Amber Fort from anywhere in Jaipur you can hire a taxi or a car. This will your journey more convenient. The public bus to Amber starts at Ajmeri Gate and MI Road which will take around twenty minutes to reach to Amber Fort. Amber Fort is just 11 km from the city. Many tourists like to ride up to the fort on an elephant! From the Gate of Victory – Jai Pol. Palace timings: Open 9 a.m – 16.30 pm.

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