Amathguda fort, Kalahandi Odisha

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Amathguda is a fort, situated on the right bank of the river Tel to the place where the road leading towards Balangir crosses the river. It is now incomplete ruins. Nothing is definitely known about this fort as its remains have not yet been investigated. The fort, presumably, was of considerable strategic importance in view of the fact that it stood close to the point where the river was fordedd since ancient time. Theroad which spanned the river by a low bridge ran almost on the old route. Another bridge was constructed abo9ut a few metres away from the old ruined bridge. Portions of this new bridge have been washed away by the highfloods in river Tel that occured in 1977.

Nearest Railway Station : Junagarh
Nearest Airport : Bhubaneswar, Raipur
How to Reach :

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