Agra fort , India

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Agra Fort, India
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Agra fort is a great structure which was built in Agra some centuries ago. It was built excellently which is having many special attractions which make everyone come to it and experience the architectural enjoyment. It can represent the necessities and requirements for a fort to have in it which used to be helpful in protecting from the attacks and fulfilling many other needs.


The construction of Agra fort was started by the third Mughal king Akbar who was the son of Humayun. Akbar started this construction between the years 1565 and 1573. Akbar made the construction of this fort with sandstone. Later on Akbar’s grandson Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal , had built many palaces inside the fort. He constructed all the palaces  inside the fort only using white marbles.

Construction and Specialities

This Agra fort is being entered presently from the south end. Normally people enter through a low outer wall  with a gate in this end. This was built by Aurangzeb.

(i) Jahangir Mahal

This is a palace which was named as Jahangir Mahal . But this was built by Akbar only inbetween the years 1560 to 1580 . In front there is a large bowl which was carved in 1611 and this is also said to have been used as Jahangir’s bathtub .

(ii) Inner Chamber

The inner chamber was marble decorated which was of Musamman Burj. There is a lip at the bottom of the photo which is of the basin of marble fountain which is sunken.

(iii) Khass Mahal

This is a mahal which was used for many things which can also be called as multi function room which used to be as a place for sleeping and different kinds of gatherings etc.

(iv) Amar Singh Gate

This is a gate through which the visitor has to enter first , which is placed perpendicular to the walls for defensive reasons .

(v) Akbari Gate

This is the third gate and also the final gate which guards the entrance of the south to the fort. The massive inner wall of the fort between these two protective towers are being pierced by this gate.


How to Reach and Exact location

Agra airport (AGR) is a military airbase 12.5 km away from the city.

Agra is located in between the main train lines from Delhi to Mumbai and from Delhi to Chennai. So Agra can be reached from anywhere because it is a junction and every superfast train should stop there. From Delhi, you can reach Agra by train in about 2-3 hours by Bhopal Shatabdi, Bhopal Express, Malwa Express, Gondwana Express, Jabalpur – Jammutawi Express, etc.

There are also luxury trains that stop at Agra such as Palace on Wheels.
Agra has three railway stations. The main one is Agra Cantt with the station code AGC. The second one is Agra Fort (AF) which is the oldest train station in India and trains to east and central India passes from this station. The third one a small station called Raja Ki Mandi, and Mahakoshal Express, Amritsar Express and Intercity Express.

Agra is 204 km away from the capital Delhi and is on the crossroads of national highways 2, 3 and 11. Ground transportation from Delhi to Agra takes approximately 3.5 – 4 hours. Taxies and buses are available from Delhi to Agra.

The main bus stations in Agra are Idgah and Agra Fort and there are scheduled, air-conditioned and luxury buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Gualior, Jhansi and Lucknow.

There are many modern highways that we can drive and also reach Agra comfortably and easily.
From Delhi you can take the NH2 highway (200 km) , from Jaipur you can take number 11 ( 255km), from Gwailor the National highway which is 120 km and from Lucknow NH2 which is 285 km.


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